Solar PV

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Generate Your Own Free Electricity

A Solar Panel Installation only requires daylight to produce electricity all year round.  Investing in Solar PV is a great move for most property owners looking to reduce their electricity bills.  Why not find how much you can save? Solar Panels have never been cheaper to buy!

Solar Battery Storage systems allow you to store the power that has been generated so that you can use it a time that suits you.  This means that you don’t waste any of the electricity you produce.

Solar PV Roof

Reduce Your Energy Bills

Use your roof to power your premises & you will be purchasing less power from your electricity supplier

The Solar Panels will help protect you from future energy price rises by supplying you with power year after year.

Get Paid for Excess Electricity

Your energy company will send payments for the power you generate that is not used in your premises. This is typically is around 5p /KWh.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Solar electricity is green renewable energy and doesn’t release any harmful carbon dioxide or other pollutants.
A typical single phase System could save over 1 tonne of carbon per year, most Commercial Installations are three times bigger and can save far more.

The amount of POWER you generate is reported on your own generation Meter, this information is also available on smart apps & web based pages – ask for more information

The UK Government have an ambitious plan to reduce our nation’s carbon footprint significantly by banning the sale of new petrol and diesel cars from 2030.

With more of us benefitting from the use of electric vehicles, why not be ahead of the crowd by installing an Electric Vehicle Chargepoint at your home NOW?

Power generated by a PV Solar system and stored in a battery could have an impact on the paid-for electricity needed to re-charge the vehicle battery. As one of very few OLEV (UK Government Office for Low Emission Vehicles) approved installers in the area we can help with installation and access to any grant funding available. Go to our EV page

How it Works

Solar PV cells are made from layers of semi-conducting material, usually silicon.

When light shines on the material, electrons are knocked loose, creating a flow of electricity. The cells don’t need direct sunlight to work, they can work on a cloudy day. However, the stronger the sunshine, the more electricity generated.

Solar PV cells are grouped into modules, and modules usually grouped into solar arrays – modules and arrays come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Most PV systems are made up of panels that fit on top of your roof, but you can also install on the ground, or fit solar tiles.

The electricity generated is direct current (DC), whereas the electricity you use in your premises is alternating current (AC). A PV inverter is installed along with the system to convert DC electricity to AC.

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